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Our initiative for Cancer Survivors is unique.

“It requires the involvement of numerous highly qualified and experienced clinical therapists, holistic practitioners and healers in several cities who are deeply engaged with the cause and come together at the events to provide their expertise and share their love.

Dr. Sonia - Organizer and Team Leader

Doctor turned healer,
Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer, Transpersonal Regression therapist and trainer
MD Family Medicine

“My mother is a survivor and that makes survivors’ wellbeing a very special cause close to my heart. My frustration as a doctor was with prescription dependency, merely treating symptoms and not the cause.

I have let go of my stethoscope to not treat but heal my patients through the power of mind. My heart, my soul  and life purpose are connected with this passionate initiative with hopes to help you heal, connect with the joy of life and thrive!

I am honored to serve you.

Let’s talk Possibilities not limitations!”


Trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rebirth breath facilitator

“In my own desire to find my purpose; I felt I could find that purpose in helping others transform their lives deeply! I went on to find the modality which would give me access to doing that and it was hypnotherapy. 

With the learning of this modality I understood that I would be the first of all these people I would help transform in so many ways! I also learned it is just a process of getting to know ourselves deeply and that is a beautiful journey in this lifetime, and I want that for each and everyone us!!”


B.E. (Electronics Engineering), Trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression therapist in-training

“My own journey of self-discovery brought me to Hypnotherapy. Realizing the significant changes it brought to my life, I believe that I should give back, with gratitude and faith, what I have learnt and discovered.”

Dr. Kavita

Psychotherapist, IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist by Tasso-Netherlands, Certified Competency Mapping Manager and Trainer for Behavioral Sciences, Soft Skills and Clinical Hypnotherapy having 13 years of work experience.

Dr. Bhargava specializes in I/O Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Trans-Personal Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Redikall Healing, Bhagwat Geeta as Psychotherapy, TA-CDT, CBT, Competency Mapping, Behavioral & Soft Skills Training.


Physiotherapist, Reiki master and teacher, Theta Healing™️ teacher and practitioner, Integrative Chakra therapy practitioner, trained Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Energy Healing has been a huge steppingstone and leap in my life and has changed me from being an angry, people blaming person to a more calmer, joyful and heart centered person. It has allowed my soul gifts to shine through and now I am ready to share these gifts and learning with the world with gratitude in my heart.”


Massage and Cranio-Sacral therapist

Olivia is a skilled massage and cranio-sacral therapist, who has three decades of practice in the field of body/subtle energy work. Her experience and informal training in the healing arts began at an early age, learning the first basics of Thai, shiatsu and energy healing directly from her mother.

To deepen her knowledge and gain formal training she attended the Mueller college Massage Therapy program in 2010-11 and obtained her certification from the California Massage Therapy Council in 2012. Over the course of the last decade she has continued her education and integrated in her practice modalities such as cranio-sacral, reiki, acupressure and somatic resonance.


Yoga practitioner

“I believe that the simple action of showing up on your yoga mat creates a ripple effect of positivity to many other seemingly unrelated aspects of your life.

I love to create an atmosphere filled with great music, unity in breath, equal parts ferocity and gentleness. It is my intention to hold a safe space where you feel free to listen to your body’s needs to move, modify, use your breath and tones to release tensions and welcome mobility in a nourishing community container.”

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