We are on a mission to tackle the enormous challenge of chronic disease.

Very differently.

“Let’s talk possibilities. Not limitations”


Around the world, chronic diseases are on the rise and this crisis is getting worse.
Statistics in the United States are simply staggering.


of the U.S population
suffers from 1 chronic


of the U.S population
suffers from 2 chronic

200 million

suffer from chronic
diseases in the
U.S alone

$1.5 trillion

spent every year on
chronic diseases in
the U.S alone

There is a simple, effective, easy to deliver solution and it’s time has come.

And we need your support. Because only together, can we transform the state of chronic disease and revolutionize healthcare with this unique solution.

Dr. Sonia Gupte, CHt

Doctor Turned Healer

Founder, Mind Medicine Movement


How a doctor’s traumatic life experience led to the quest for a pathbreaking
new solution to tackling chronic disease.

Healing the Body with the Power of Mind.

Watch how this proven ‘Mind-Body’ solution has the potential to offer hope and relief to all those suffering from chronic diseases.

How Mind-Body Hypnosis ® can transform the problem of chronic disease.

Our unresolved thoughts and emotions are known to contribute to the slow breakdown of our body systems, leading to the onset of numerous chronic ailments. By tackling the Body and Mind connection using highly transformative techniques such as guided hypnosis, breakthrough resolutions have been achieved for chronic ailments


Our vision is to tackle chronic ailments by healing the body using the untapped power of the mind unlocked through the proven technique of guided hypnosis.

By healing the Mind and the Body, we can create healthy, joyful individuals, families, and communities while cutting down the financial burden of healthcare costs.

To make this approach widespread and available to all those suffering from chronic ailments, we envision a large-scale integration with healthcare facilities and their patients.

We also want to make this solution available to all individuals, even the underserved populations, through a variety of convenient delivery channels.

Our vision is already a blueprint waiting to become a new reality.

Creating highly trained Transformation Agents for delivering our solution.

Collaborating with Hospitals for delivering our solution to their chronic ailment patients.

Initiating Research for our ongoing cases to validate and improve our results.

Setting up a network of
Mind Medicine Clinics


Chronic Migraines.

7 years of intense migraine and no relief from medications. Few sessions of Mind-Body Hypnosis® resulted in a significant and permanent reduction in pain levels from 10 to 2.

“I feel way much better than usual…less pain intensity and better cognitive ability.”

Peter, California, USA

Chronic Gastritis.

Years of acidity problem was resolved. Overcame years of emotional stress within a few sessions of Mind-Body Hypnosis®.

“After my sessions, I had a relaxed feeling in my stomach and mind…and the acid problem was gone.” Neha Tahim,

Neha Tahim, Dubai, UAE

Peripheral Neuropathy.

Caused by an antibiotic reaction and resulting in intense pain from head to toe. Relief found immediately after the Mind-Body Hypnosis® session.

“There was a 50% shift in pain directly after the session.”

Arti, India

Chronic Insomnia.

Several years of insomnia remained unresolved inspite of medications. But after a few sessions of Mind-Body Hypnosis® there was a significant improvement.

“Post sessions, I slept naturally and didn’t even need a pill to sleep.”

Khaled Bayyad,UAE


4 years of IBS and anxiety with no relief from diets or pills. But decided to try Mind-Body Hypnosis® out of desperation.

“Post sessions, there is a huge difference and my stomach is vastly improved, as is my anxiety.”

Jim K, Chicago, USA



The Mind Medicine Movement involves each and every person. Because most of us are affected by
chronic ailments or know someone dear to us who is suffering from it. It is time to recognize that our
Body and Mind are intricately enmeshed. The solution to tackle chronic ailments differently is already
here. It has worked and it can transform so many more lives, with your support.

There are so many ways in which you can support us to make this movement the
greatest transformation of healthcare.


Help bring our vision and mission to life.


Live a life of purpose helping others. Get trained with us. Join us in our mission.


Become part of our scholarship program. Sponsor the training of individuals who have committed their life to serving others.


Those in the healthcare field, help us to connect with willing hospitals and research institutions.


Get in touch with us with ideas on how you can help.

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